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 I scrubbed the floors of our dirty apartment. A drop of blood slip out of my lip again. I washed it away. I heard him get up from the couch. My muscles tensed up. He walked by me.


 "Why the hell isn't the floor done yet?!" He asked kicking  my stomach.

 I held my mouth close. Crying only makes it worse.

 "I'm sorry" I say.

 He frowns even more. He kicks me in the butt. He then bent down to my level. His hot breath warmed my ear but made chills go down my spine

 "You better be wet tonight." he says.

 I nod. I was scared. He gets up and leaves. I haven't slept in days. When we have sex...hes too rough and rips me in half. Then when hes done, I'm too sore to leave, but too frighted to sleep. 

 I was only allowed out of the apartment when buying food, cigarettes and when Evan is showing me around. I let the tears fall now since he won't hurt me at the moment. I lived in fear every day...when did it all go wrong?


 I sat on the bench with Evan. My parents didn't like him. It was them or I get kicked out.

 "You can live with me." He says.

  He looked angry. He didn't look at me when he said that. His arms were crossed.

 "Y-You sure?!" I was nervous this would be the first time I would be leaving the nest. 

 "Yeah...I mean we can't just break up because of your parents" he said.

 I smile.


 I regret that smile. I should have stayed home. I was well fed, safe and happy.

~~~~another memory

 I slept in our bed, laying on my side. I got a job as a waitress to help pay his bills. I felt him get on top of me. He started kissing my neck.

 "Not now...we can in the morning" I yawned pushing lightly on his chest.

 He grabbed my wrist, tightly. He pulled my arm out and pressed them to the bed. He dug his knees into my legs. He was bitting my neck now. I was struggling to get out of his grasped. I scream. He let go of my arms then wrapped his fingers around my neck. My mouth was open trying to scream more but it hurt. I tried getting his hands off me but I was to weak. He lets go after a minute. I stop trying to catch my breath. His hand went and grabbed my waist band and pulled my pants down... down from got worse.


 Because I said no made my life worse. I notice myself shaking. I scrub the floor more to keep myself busy. Then I realized it was clean. I go and clean the dishes. I hear him come again. I squeeze my eyes shut hoping he wouldn't look at me. His arms wrap around my body. He kisses the "love" bites on my neck...oh dear god please not now, I'm still sore from last time. He then liked up my neck he stopped at my ear.

 "Go out and buy me some cigarettes." He ordered.

 I nodded and took the money he gave me.


 I went into the 711. I had ten dollars. Maybe I could run away. I look at a magazine. Everyone looked so happy in it. I sniffled wishing I could be happy again. Something tapped me on the shoulder. I tensed up and squeezed my eyes shut again. After a moment of nothing I peek seeing a man with red eyes, a brown coat and brown red hair.

 "You okay, doll?" He asked.

 I was shaking. Someone was asking how I was.

 "I-I'm fine" I lied.

 He knew it was a lie too.

 "What about your neck it looks pretty fucked up." he said.

 "Just a little sore." I lied again.

 "Your arms look pretty bruised."

 "I was playing soccer"

 "In winter?"


 "Why are you so skinny, you look like one of those African kids in the commercials"

 "I'm on a diet."

 "What you trying to loose, your life?"



 "Do you really smoke?"


 "No this is for my boyfriend"

 "Did he make those bruises?"


 "No or yes?"


 "No he didn't"

 "Sounds like he did"


 I fell to my knees and cried, hiding my face into my hands.. What if this man was trying to get me into more trouble.

 "Doll its okay," the man said putting his hands on my shoulders.

 I could tell he didn't want me to be in this state of fear. He was trying to comfort me. I slowly remove my hands from my face. 

 "Whats wrong?" He asked.

 "I-I can't tell you" I told him.


 "I can't"

 "How about this, you come to this 711 when you are ready to tell me. Deal?"


 I would never tell.


 He walked with me to the counter. He looked at ever scar I had while I paid. I left him without saying a word.


 I enter the apartment. When Evan looked at me, he walked to me. My heart raced. He took the box of cigarettes and grabbed my shirt. He dragged me to the bathroom.

 "Go take a shower, I want you clean for tonight." he says letting go with a push.

 I heard the door lock. I sighed and undressed, I put my clothes on the sink. I turned the shower on. I got in. I stood there worried. I'll be in pain the second I leave this shower.

I wrap the white towel around me when I was done. I put my hair up into a pony tail. I hear the door unlock. My (color) eyes widen. No..nononononononononononono! Do something. Theres no window. 

 Evan opens the door. I freeze. He grabs my wrists and pined me against the wall, hard. He holds my hands over my head.  He starts with my neck. Tears slip out. I had my chances to run away...and I blew them away. I have to do something. I kick him in the stomach and run. As I pass the coats I grab a jean one and run out the door.

 In the elevator I put the coat on. I buttoned it up to hold my towel. I was scared. I was in nothing but a towel and a jacket. I guess this is a blessing for some. I know where I have to go. I hope that man is still there. I'm desperate for that comfort he gave me again. I have to break free from Evan. If I dare even go back to him...I'll be in a deeper hole. When I made it to the lobby, I saw the elevator next to mine was in use. No matter who it was I have to bolt.

 I ran out of the complex. Saving myself.


 I looked inside the 711...he...he wasn't there. I felt like Evan was going to get me now. My face went into horror. I'll die for sure now. I feel a hand go on my shoulder. I look over. It was the same red eyes, it was the MAN! I hug him. I hold onto his shirt for support. My skinny legs could handle this much longer. I cry into his shirt...


"Doll..." he sighs.

 He puts his arm under my knees. He carries me to an alley then down another street. I saw a parked motorcycle. He sets me down then goes on it.

 "Well...are you coming?" he asks.

 I nod. I sit on behind him wrapping my frail arms around his chest. I put my face into his back. The towel cover my butt. I now notice it was raining. My towel was no longer warm, just like the jacket, but his back was warm. I kept my face in his back. My tears wet his jacket, but not as bad as the rain.

 The drive seemed endless, until we got to another apartment complex. He parked inside the garage. He got off the motor cycle as did I.

 "So, what happened?" he asked, very amused.

 I had a feeling he wanted to know, before he lets me into the home.

 "He, hit me everyday...he would put his foot up my butt...he would have sex with me most not...he would not let me out...I was only allowed out when getting him cigarettes or food...the food was for him-"

 "Clearly, you are thinner than a twig, but I get it, what you've been through, my dad use to whip me so I guess we're kinda close. You should stay the don't have anything else to wear." he said scratching the back of his neck.

 I don't know why, but I trust him. We went upstairs to go to his apartment. It wasn't clean nor was it dirty. I stood by the door awkwardly. He collapsed onto the couch. He looked over at me.

 "Oh yeah clothes." he said getting up.

 He went into a hallway.

 "Sorry, I don't have bras" he called out.

 Thats okay...thats okay. He came back out with sweats and a t-shirt.

 "You can change in the bath room." He said.

 I nodded. I went to the bath room and changed. I felt nervous doing so. Thats the place from I escape his grasped. Now I'm free. I can be a doctor. I put on the clothes...the showed a lot of my scars. I go back outside. 

 "By the way, I'm Jason." he says

 "Y-Y/n" I say.

 He examines me.

 "I'll clean your cuts they'll get infected or some shit." he says going to the bathroom.

 He comes out with wet towels. He places them on the cuts. The towel was warm but it stung. I let out a little his of pain.


"Sorry...." he says looking away.

 "I-its okay" I tell him

 We stay silent the rest of the time. When he was finished the towel was completely red...

 "uhhh..." I was shocked.

 "Yeah, you 'boyfriend' sucked at his status" Jason says.

 I nod...not understanding. I was getting tired so I yawned....I was still sore. 

 "You look tired. You can have my bed, I'll sleep on the couch." he offers.

 " can have your bed." I tell him.

 "You're the guest so you can have it."

 "Well its your bed."

 "OMG we'll both have the bed then." he declares.

 I smile for the first time in months. It was nice. I go to his room and just collapse on to the bed. It was warm and soft not stiff. I sleep for awhile until Jason comes to bed. He collapses next to me. I looked over at him. He was laying on his back. I put my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him...I don't wanna leave.


I don't own Hetalia

 So this took me 8 hours to write...stupid bitch. I interdouced my friend to reader inserts...I don't know how she feels about them...but she wanted to hear my most lustful ones...sadly I don't write lemons so I did this. 

 Now I'm in a Switzerland X Reader mood....does anyone know any good ones...if not wanna write me one? wink wink...

 I had the day off school today so yay

 Do you know me as the author or do you just read what you like?

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I'd murder my boyfriend...
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The last part reminds me of a guy I talked to on a game that lived in england where I wanted to go to england very badly so he decided we should totally hang out and I could stay at his place. Except they do not have a guest room so he said I could sleep on his bed and he'lol sleep on the floor and I said I'd sleep on the floor cause it's his bed. We argued for like 3 minutes then decided we will both sleep on the floor.
EarlGreyIsHere Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015
Omigosh that's awesome, I love how there was  bed but u both slept on the floor lol
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Wait weres part 2?! I LOVE DIS STORY
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Am...Who's Evan supposed to be? If it's 2p Canada his name is Matt.
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Um 2p America's name is Allen, not Jason...
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Sorry, when my first reader insert I read was a Jason then the rest were all Allens, Als, and Jason sorta stuck with me. I'm sorry its just a habit now if I write about him
GamerGirl0002 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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*turns 2p with black hair in ponytail, red eyes, black blood-stained Lolita dress, and a scythe.* *goes to Evan's house and slips into his room.*
Me: You will ay for what you did to reader-chan Evan.
Evan: O_O" How do you know my name?!
Me: *laughs like evil child* We know everything about you. *cuts off Even's dick.* You don't even deserve this gift from god ass-hole.
Evan: *Screams*
Me: *cuts out his heart and replaces it with a metal heart* DIE ASS-HOLE!!!
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lucysblood Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student
Before I started doing 2P America reader inserts I read my first five his name were Jason and the ones now he either Allen, Al or Alfred.
 Me living in USA I've met ten million Jasons and like 2 Allens and 0 Alfreds so I felt like Jason was more fitting
prussiafangirl88 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
^-^ Well the ones I read all had Alfred or Al or Allen sorry I have never heard Jason before!! XD BUT OH WELL I GUESS WE LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAAAAY Awesome Face, Doctor Style 
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game announcer: FATALITY
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khfan12 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013   General Artist
Wow, great job! I really, really like this!

Are you considering writing a second part, or is this just a oneshot?
lucysblood Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Student

Thank you.

 I am considering part two, I just wanted to upload this to get it out of the way so yes there is part two, but I can't link it

khfan12 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013   General Artist
No problem! ^^

Okay :>
I was just curious~
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Jason ,,, that's a new one !! great story ^^ and sorry , I don't know Switzerland too well so I cant write you one >< I would if I could..
lucysblood Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Student
I heard his name once as Jason and I just fell in love with that. Its okay if you don't know too much about Switzerland. Thank you
badassgermanchick Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh okay , thanks ^^ 
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