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Tim mined his own buisness always. But it was sad, he was very anti-socail, which made him feel empty. He utterly hated it. He was wearing a tan long coat, black T shirt, black pants, black boots and his scarf. No matter how hot or cold it was he wore that scarf. Right now it was raining

At the moment he was getting ready to leave the cafe he was in. The smell of burning weed was getting to his head. He tipped the waitress and left. On his way out he heard whimpering. He decidied just this once he would see what it is. He walked down an alley because thats where the source was coming from. When he turned around a coner he saw a girl with a black jacket covering her body. She seemed to be naked. Tears flooded out her (color) eyes. Her (length)(texture)(color) hair was a little bit messy, not too bad. Her legs were brusied. When she notice Tim, she hit her face in fear as if he was gonna hurt her. Tim's emotionless face frown. His green eyes saddned. He felt bad for the girl. She looked to be 19. Just a guess. He took off his coat and put it on her gently without looking at an 'area' she would have cried at. He notice she had no shoes on. He picked her up bridal style.

"Why" she asked

"You would hurt your feet" Tim replied

"No, why are you helping me" she asked, tears were still coming down her face.

Tim sighed.

"Its the right thing to do" he said.

The girl nodded and rested her head on his shoulder. Drifting off to sleep. Tim had to walk in the rain because one he was carrying her and couldn't hold and umbrella and didn't have one. Alot of people looked at them, giving dirty looks. Tim ignored those. When he reached his car he placed the girl in the passenger seat. He drove home.

The girl slept the whole ride home. When he had arrived he picked her up again and brought her upstairs. He wondered if he should take off the wet coat, he didn't want the girl catching a cold. He placed her on the bed, softly putting her head on a pilow.

He looked at himself all wet. He sighed, and took off his pants. When he did he heard a muffled scream. He looked back to see the girl terrorfied, she clamped her hands over her mouth shaking her head no. Tim blushed as he realizedd what it looked like.

"I'm not gonna rape you" he said

She shook her headin disblief. Tim hurried and put on a new pair of dry pants. He took off his shirt off as fast as he could, but then he saw the girl was about to scream. He ran up to her covering her mouth.

"I'm not gonna rape you, I just don't want to get a cold, and I bet you don't either" it was the longest sentence Tim has ever said.

The coat wasn't ziped or button, so it sort fell showing apart of her breasts. Tim looked at them for a brief second then turned away. He didn't want to show the girl how red he was. The girl finally  belived him. She slowly hugged Tim and rested her chin on his bare shoulder.

"Sorry I'm over reacting, its just" she stopped. She didn't want to remeber.

"Its ok, I don't blame you" Tim said

He blushed even more because he could feel her boobs on his back. Tim got up and walked to the dresser. He pulled out another t shirt and tossed it to her. For her size it could be dress. Tim put on another t shirt, it showed his mucsles well. He sat at the foot of the bed with the girl.

"I forgot, I'm Y/n" the girl said.

"Tim. Are you hungary" he asked

"no" her stomach growled.

She must have known that Tim likes to keep his house clean.

"Do you want to call your parents" Tim asked

"No, they don't care anymore" Y/n replied

She was fighting her urge to cry again. Her face looked like it was pressing the replay button. She would calm her face then crunch it up, then calm it. She cried again, bringing her weak hands to her face. Tim felt bad for the girl, he wraped his arm around her and then brought her close to him. She grabbed on to his shirt and buried her face in to the shirt. He wrapped his other  arm around her, he rested his face on her head, shushing her. Tim remebered that she was hungery, so carried her downstairs as she calmed down a bit. He set her in the dinning room then went back to the kitchen. When he open the fridge there was only milk in there. From all those nights going out to eat he hasn't bought food in awhile. He decided to call his sister to save him. The reason why Tim didn't want to go out was the girl was only in a man's t shirt, and he doubts she wants to be in public right now. His sister Belle anwsered

"HEY TIM~" she said

"Belle, I need food" He said

"Go out to eat" she said

"I'm on a date, at home." I lied

"Oh..okay" she said with a hint of evil

She hung up.

Hopefully she doesn't do something. Tim walked back to the dinning room finding Y/n playing with her hair. I notice on her neck a bruise. That guy must have his way. Her (color) orbs were focus on the center piece of the table.

"Did you buy those tulips" Y/n asked

"No, I grew them" Tim replied

"They're really nice" she said.

The doorbell rang. Tim hurried to the door, knowing who it was. When he open the door he found his little sister holding: a gift basket with all sorts of candy popcorn,and waffles, a closed pot, and a cake holder. She handed it all to her big brother.

"Remeber talk" she whispered

"Yeah, yeah" he mimbled

Belle left and Tim place all the food on the table. Y/n's (color) eyes widen. Drool came out of her mouth.  

"What? When was the last time you had a meal this big" he asked

"3 years ago" she said still gazing at the food. Tim brought out plates and opened the pot:pasta was inside. Anger bulit up inside of him. Toni. He frowned at the pasta which caused Y/n to laugh/giggle.

Tim blushed at her giggle. It was the first time in awhile he made someone laugh. He sighed and got some pasta as did Y/n. They ate in silenecs. Y/n tried to eat slow, but was having a hard time. Tim watched her eat.

'She must not eat alot' he thought.

When they finished he opened up the cake holder finding what was written in (color) iceing.

"GOOD LUCK BIG BURDER" is what it said

He was about to throw the cake until

"NO not the CAKE" Y/n said holding him back

He sighed. They ate the (cake flavor) in slience.  When they finished Y/n helped clean the dishes with Tim.

"Thank you" she said as she scrubed the dish

Tim nodded in responce. She smiled for the first time today. She had her hair bothering her, it kept getting in her face. Tim pushed it behind her ear. She blushed at his action.

"I only have one bed, I can take the couch if you li-" Tim began

"No! I don't want to sleep alone" she cut him off. Her face had a scared expression on it.

"His face was red like a rosse. He sighed.

"Fine" he mumbled.

She smiled.

Tim looked outside, then a bolt of lightning hit. The power went out. He looked next to him and didn't fine Y/n.

"Y/n?" he said

No anwser.  It was hard to see. He reached in his pocket to light a cigerette. The brief light let him know that she wasn't in the room. He walked into the dinning room using his lighter for light. He saw her under the table covering her ears. Tim turned off the lighter and scooped the girl into his arms. She girl was warm. She crepted into his cold heart and warmed it in the process melting it.  Y/n felt that she could  trust Tim. Y/n still covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut. Tim rested his head on Y/n's head. He got to the stairs of his house. On the fifth step and bolt of lightning came and caused Y/n to flinch, which also shocked him, causing Tim to almost fall backwards. When he was sure about his balance he walked again. When he made it to his room, he laid Y/n on the bed. She curled up into a little ball. Tim couldn't see so he just took of his pants and shirt. He was only in his navy boxers. He pulled the covers over Y/n and then got into them. He laid on his side facing her. She was shaking like a leaf. He wrapped his arms around her small figure and brought her close to him. The shaking calmed down. She removed her hands from her ears and placed them one his chest. She used her knuckles as pillows. Tim smiled at her accpeting his comfort. He truley enjoyed her.

Next morning.

Tim opened his green eyes slowly. He notice his hair gel wasn't doing its job. Y/n was still with him. Her eyes slowly open, not all the way. She closes them again snuggling her head into him. Tim blushes. Then the girl jerked back, Tim closed his green eyes pretending to sleep. By the movements of the matress, she was looking around, then she lifted the covers. She genltly put them back down. Tim groaned and pretended to wake up. He stretched his body then looked at Y/n.

"Did we..." She asked with a worried look

"No."Tim replied so bluntly.

She nodded. Tim got up grabed some clothes and took a shower. He wondered what he was gonna do about the girl. She is too old to be a "kid". But too young to surive on her own. He doubts she has a job. He can't send her back to the alley with nothing but a t shirt. After his shower he geled up his hair and got dressed. He stayed in the bathroom and called his sister.

"Tim...its early" she anwsered

"I need you over. I'll tell you when you get here. Bring clothes." He said

"Fine fine" she said

Tim walked back into the room finding Y/n hand combing her hair.

"You can take a shower, there should be hot was still" he said.

She nodded an walk out the door into the hall. Tim sat on the bed for a second, heard the shower go on and then the doorbell. He walked downstairs in a rush. He opened the door finding his little sister dressed, but tired.

"This better be good" she said

He nodded and let her in. He took the bag of clothes and walked upstairs. He knocked on the door, the shower didn't seem to be on. He opened it to see what was going on. He saw Y/n's bare back, she was wrapping a towl around herself. He notice many bruises on her. He blushed and looked away.

"uh" he said which cause Y/n to look at him.

He quickly set the bag on the sink and shut the door.  He sank to the floor. He felt the door open. The girl was in a white sundress with wegde sandales. He looked up at her.

"Thanks for the clothes" she said

They both walked downstairs finding his sister gettinf impatent. When she saw Y/n she hugged her.

"OMG, Timmy you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend. SHE'S SO CUTE" Belle yelled

Tim blushed. Y/n didn't struggle. When Belle finally released her grip Tim  put his hand on Y/n's shoulder.

"Tell her your story" Tim whispered in her ear.

She nodded.

"Tim wants me to tell you what happen." Y/n said taking a seat. Belle sat next to her and Tim hid in the kitchen. He didn't want them knowing he was interested.

"Ok, tell me" Belle said looking a bit worried.

"In my junior year, I was sick for a week. To make up work I stayed after school til 8. I didn't have rid so I walked. I would have to walk threw the city for an hour. One day when I was taking an alley short cut my arm was grabbed. I was thrown down to the floor. Someone said 'what a cutie'. Befor I could scream, I looked up and a gun was to my head. I saw 5 guys. One unbuckled his pants and tried to take off my pants. The 4 others held me down. And he.... After they left my clothes were sweaty. I didn't tell my mom. When I was starting to show, she asked me what happened. I told her, and she told me to get out. I  got an abortion so that maybe they would let me back home, they were even more mad that I used the insurance money to get it. I gave up on them. I stayed in the city that I was... Then after a year I made a friend who had a similar problem. We talked alot. We shared the mooney people threw at us. One a stormy night (friends name) was crossing the street and a bolt of lightning hit her. Many people were there so an abulance came in minutes, but it was too late. After a year I did my best to surport myself, with only buying food. When I was taking shelter a man looked at me, he had a gursome grin. It chilled me to the bone. I dropped the bag of bread and steped back. He pinned me to the wall and... After he was done he tore up my clothes. He threw his jacket at me. 'I'll be here tommorrow' he said. Again I was raped. I felt powerless. After 10 minutes Tim came by. He looked at me and sighed. He took off his jacket and put it on me. And here we are today a day later" Y/n said

Belle was on the verge of tears. Then Y/n remebering all her horriable events she cried again. Belle hugged her and rubbed little circles in her back. Tim had no idea it was like that for her.

Belle and Y/n called down after a few minutes.

"Y/n and I are going shopping." she called out to her brother.

Tim came out of the kitchen.

"I'll come to" he said

Belle smirked. They drove to the mall, Tim drove as Belle and Y/n talked in the back. The first store they hit Forever21. They bought pants, skirts, shirts and a hair accerories. Tim couldn't tell what was for Y/n and what was for Belle. Then they went to Wet seal, buying shorts and shirts. Crossing over to JCREW buying sweaters, dresses, and head bands. Finally it was Victoria Secert. Belle was trying to push him in the store.

"FINE THEN" Belle yelled

Y/n giggled. They walked in, to Tim's surpise he saw Belle holding up bras. He saw Y/n shrugged. Belle called over a worker with measuring tape. She wrapped it around Y/n's boobs. Thats when Tim looked away. He covered his mouth with his hand hiting the pink tint. After a minute or two he looked over by the  food court, his stomach growled. He felt a tap on the shoulder, to find a thong shoved in his his face. He jumped back finding Y/n and Belle laughing. Belle was the one holding the thong. She shoved it back in her bag.

"Are you done?" He asked coldly.

"Yeah yeah. I guess lunch can be one me too" Belle said between giggles.

Belle paid for all the clothes and lunch, Tim wondered how she got all that money. As they ate, Tim looked outside. The sky was filling up with rolling gray clouds.

Belle and Y/n shoved the bags in the trunk. Tim stood back an watch. When they finished Belle looked back at the storm.

"Looks like a thunderstorm" she said

Y/n's eyes widened with horror. Her body teasned up. Tim knew what he should do.

"Belle I'm tired. You can drive" He said  

She smiled taking thedriver seat. Y/n got into the back as did Tim. After backing out the storm started, droping a heavy rain. Belle turned on the windshield wipers and growled of how diffucult this was gonna get. The pounding on the car sounded like rocks getting thrown at it. This made Y/n tense up. Tim was trying to thinkwhat he could do to make it better, but the pounding of the rain couldn't let him think. He put his hand on her farther shoulder and laid her down on his lap. He ran his fingers threw her soft (color) hair. She relaxed her shoulders, and closed her eyes.

"She must be tired from all the shopping. SEE I told you shopping was a sport" Belle said

Tim completely forgot about her. Her voice scared him.  

They finally got home. Belle parked in the garage. Tim carried Y/n and placed her on his bed. He came back downstairs and made some green tea for him and his sister. He sat infornt of her at the table.

" you like her" Belle asked

Tim didn't reply.

"Well I thought you did. You are letting her stay here, you play with her hair, you came to the mall with  us, and its avious that you care. If you don't want her Toni and I could take care of her" Belle said

"I'll keep her" Tim said looking down at the tea.

"How long has she been her" Belle asked

"Since yesterday" he said no really thinking.

Both their green eyes widen. They remebered a part of the story.

'I'll be back tommorrow'

Tim ran upstairs to see if Y/n was awake. She wasn't. Tim went into his nightstand and grabbed the small hand gun. He went back downstairs. Belle notice the gun.

"Your gonna kill that guy?!" she exclaimed

Tim shook his head.

"Self defense" he said

He grabbed an umbrella. Belle followed him to the car. She had a nervous look when she buckled her seatbelt. Tim looked at her, and gave her a weak smile. She nodded and the were off.

Tim parked by the cafe that he went to. He speed walked towards the alley. Belle wasn't top far behind. He was in the alley. Him and Belle hid behind the dumpster. They waited minutes that seemed like hours. Soon a man with black slick hair came. He was tall, maybe even taller than Tim, he had these lustful brown eyes. He looked around, the glared. Tim pinched Belle the made her whimper for a second. That caught the man's attention. He chuckled darkly.

"Well well well. I thought you ran away for a sec-" he walked towrds the dumpster. When he was close enough Tim cut him off by throwing his fist across the man's face. Belle smiled. 'Tim cares about someone' she thought. The man helded his face. He wield up with anger then punch Tim giving Tim a black eye. Tim hit a wall towards a building and the man lunged at him. He wrapped his hands around Tim's neck. Belle shot the gun at the man's arm. He released his gripped and yelped in pain. He cradled his arm. Belle pushed him over and grabbed Tim's arm draggingg him to the car. She dragged him as if she kissed Ivan and Natalia saw. When they got to the car she threw Tim in the back seat. Then she got into the driver seat, pumping on the gas. Belle breathed heavily that filled the air other than Tim's coughing. They were home in no time.

Belle walked to her car. She thought her brother was gonna get into more mischief she didn't want to be apart of. Tim got up and walked inside. It was still pouring rain. He was soaking wet. When he got to his room he saw Y/n still asleep. He smiled. He took of his drench shirt, and stopped when he heard a gasped.

"Tim...what happen" Y/n asked

He looked down at his back: the bricks made an outline, a few cuts here and there.

"Did you" she asked

He nodded. She ran up to him and hugged him. She cried into his chest.

"Why are you helping me so much" she sobbed.

Tim wrapped his arms around her. He smelt her hair. Then sighed into it.

"Its ovious you need someone. So do I. I don't want you worring about being raped anymore" he said

Her (color) eyes widned. Then she gripped on him tightened. He too hugged her tighter. He liked the wramth she provided for his cold heart. He laid him and her on the bed. They looked at each other for a moment. He looked at her still tears on her damp face. She looked at his black eye and hand marks on his neck. She traced sotfly around the black eye with one finger.

"I'm sorry" she said sheepishly

Tim still couldn't believe she was still blaming herself. Tim would kiss her but, he didn't want to rape her because he didn't know her exact feelings towards him.

"Don' blame yourself, it was from my free will" he moved his aze away from her.

She sighed. Tim knew no  matter how many times he would tell her its not her fault she would still believe it is.

"I just don't want you getting hurt. You saved me after all. I don't want you getting hurt because of someone useless like me and yet I haven't repaid you" She looked down at her legs.

"You can repay me by staying here" Tim said looking deep into those (color) eyes.

She gasped at what he said. She gave him one of her beautiful smiles and hugged him around his neck. He hugged her back.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you..." she sid in his ear.

She unwrapped her arms around him a bit. Tim moved his head toward her and kissed those pink lips. She kissed back of course...

1 year later.

Y/n was loosing her fear of thunderstorms slowly but surely. She was Tim's house maid. She had to do something without feeling like a burden. They announced that they were dating. They shared the same bed. Belle was one of Y/n's closest friends after the hell cycle. Belle's friends took a liking towards Y/n. Arthur especsllay. When Arthur was around so was Tim.

Tim put his arm around Y/n as they watch the sky. They were in a local park after hours, but truely they didn't mind. They were sharing Tim's blue and white scaf. He was in his tan coat, a white button up and tan pants. Y/n was in a (color) dress that was above the knee, she was also in a white shrug with wedges.

"Tim, I lo-" Y/n said but was cut short by a loud bang.

Tim held her close, not wanting her to get hurt. Her hands clamped down on his shirt. She was shaking like a blender.  Tim placed his hand on her lower back. He slowly got up. He saw a dark figure come out of the trees.

"So you are the one who took my little princess.I still wonder who that blonde girl was" the figure chuckle darkly.

Y/n recondized the voice and her fear meter went up. Tim there or not the man was scary. Tim brought Y/n closer to him. He seemed calm in this situation. The man raised a handgun and pointed it at the couple. Tim's green eyes widen. Y/n didn't see because she was facing Tim begging this was a nightmare. Tim put his other hand on the back of Y/n's head. This caused her to panic. But she knew who the figure was and didn't dare look back at him. The figure pulled the  gun of safety. Tim glared at the man, this disgusting creature threating to kill one of his own. Then the noisse came again BANG. Tim squeezed his eyes shut. He notice he wasn't in pain. He looked down. On Y/n's left shoulder her white shrugged was being stained with red. Tim weild up with anger. Y/n had a blank face, her mouth was open but unable to speak words. He set her down on the bench he notice the figure was reloading his gun. Tim ran up to him and punched his jaw causing the man to fall to the ground. The man was going to get back up untill Tim kicked him back down. Tim grabed the gun from his hand and swung it across his face breaking the gun and knocking him out. Tim then called 911.

~~~~~time skip

"Your girlfriend will be fine, she's more shock than hurt. She'll have full use of her arm in a matter of hours" The doctors said

It didn't matter to Tim. If she lives he failed at protecting her, if she dies he failed at protecting her. Right befor the shooting she was going to say something Tim didn't believe he desrved. Tim entered the hospital room. She had one machine that she was strapped to. Tim sat in a chair next to the bed. Y/n's eyes were close. She was so still, as if she was...Tim didn't want to think about that. He reached and grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

"I love you too...Y/n. You don't have to return the feelings anymore, since I broke my promise" Tim said looking at her pale hand.

After many minutes of waiting her (color) eyes fluttered open. She squeezed Tim's hand then retreated it closer to herself. She groaned then looked over.

"Tim...TIM" she nearly yelled.

She was happy to see him unharmed, but she could barely move. The drugs weren't done with her yet. She gave him a weak smile. Tim felt he didn't desrve that smile. He brushed some (color) hair out of her face. By now it was 1 a.m. A doctor came in the room.

"She'll have to spend the night. You should go home now" he said

Tim's heart broke. He coudln't leave her here. It  was insane to think that. He kissed Y/n on the cheek and left, so he wouldn't have to make a scene. On the way home in his car at a red light he thought maybe he should go threw it so he could be with Y/n and not have to leave her. The he had his second thought of thats stupid. When the light turned green he went home not hiting another red light.

When he went to bed, the bed seemed it was for a giant. He felt cold and knots in his stomach. He wrapped himself in the blankets and tried to fall asleep. Of course it wasn't easy for him. Of course exhustantion hit his body and made him sleep.

~~~~~~his dream

He was in all black clothes. Even his scarf was black. Everywhere around him was misty. He walked around/ Funally he came to something. He saw a girl in a short white dress. She looked like...he couldn't remeber. There was a white stag coming towards the girl, it lowered its head. She reached out and toched it. Then she looked over to Tim.

"Goodbye Tim" she said

"Y/N!" he yelled

~~~~~ awake

Tim sat up quickly. He was gasping for air. You could see his lungs going in and out. He got dressed as fast as he could. Then spike up his hair. Wrapped his scarf around his neck then bolted to the car. He drove fast to the hospital, butslow enough so police won't pull him over. He looked at his car clock 6:58 a.m. He then ran inside going towards her room. When he made the elevator he got pissed because it was going too "slow" for him. He ran inside her room finding her sleeping. The heavy door behind him made a loud thud. That caused Y/n to wake up. To her it seemed like Tim was running from someone.

"Tim are you OK" she asked with a worried voice.

He took the chair next to her bed. He was gaspin for air once again, but with relief.

'she's alive, oh thank god she's alive' he thought to himself.

Y/n got some tissues from the box beside her. She wiped the sweat off his face. A doctor came in surpised Tim was there, then she nodded and took the tube out of Y/n. Y/n went to the bathroom and changed into real clothes. Tim still panting didn't notice.

"Tim we can leave now" Y/n said pushing his blonde hair back.

He looked up at her and nodded. Y/n helped him up. She wrapped her arms around his arm while they walked out of the hopital. He blushed because his arm was between her brests. When he made it to his car, he looked over at Y/n.

"Y/n...I'm sorry" He said looking down.

"For what" she asked

"I brroke my promise and didn't keep you safe" he said

"HA, we all make mistakes Tim. Besides I would rather have one of us hurt then both. Besides you have been caring for my ass for a year, you desrve not be hit by the bullet when a rapist is pointing a gun at us" she said

He looked up at her.

"Do you forgive me" he asked

"No," she said fasening her seatbelt

He made a face at that.

"Because, you didn't need to apologize" She said

He looked at her. He knew she was the one
I don't own you or Hetalia

LONGEST fanfic I ever wrote. I have been trying to cut down on uploading on mondays. Since I'm know for making rushed fanfics I slowed it down hopefully. tell me how you like it, don't say it was too long.
KittyTheOtakuGirl Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
this was so amazing.... I laughed so hard when Belle put the thong in Tim's face. That was beyond funny. LOL XD
and as for the rapist mofo..... I got his number! I know where he be sleeping.... my uncle still has C-4 from when he served in Vietnam! hehehe~~deidara emote Deidara (Playing with bomb) [V1] Boom Bear Boom Strangelove H-Bomb Hiccup if that explains anything. I will go nuclear on him..... don't piss off a Scottish ginger with an oh so "glorious sunny disposition".......
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aaaaaaaaaaaaawww! Cute!
And you, Rapist: ...just die. No one needs you.
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Awww thanks
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