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August 6, 2013
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NorwayXRaped reader P2

I woke up, Y/n wasn't around. I stretched and went down stairs, remembering last nighs events. It was still dark outside, I turned my head to the grandfather clock, 6. I yawn as I continue down the stairs. I turn into the kitchen finding Berwald eating a bagel and Tino cooked breakfast. I sit down at the table...remembering Y/n wasn't in bed

"Have you guys seen Y/n" I yawned

"She's sleeping on the couch" Berwald grunted

"Oh yeah, she was sleeping there when I woke up" Tino said flipping the pancake

I go into the living room finding Y/n curled in a blanket with the TV on. It was the news channel. She still is worried I guess. Why was she blocking me out though? Was she afraid to be a bother? I kneel down in front brushing (color) hair out of her face. Her eyes twitch, then pulls the blanket over her head and rolls over.

"Y/n..." I whisper

No responce. I picked her up bridal style, but when I did her body tensed up. I heard a little whimper escape from her throat.

"Y/n..." I say taking the blanket off her head.

When she realizes she's at home her shocked scared face, relaxes.

"Y/n...are you okay?" I ask

She stares into space for a moment, then snaps out of it.

'Just f-fine" she stammers

I set her on the steps. I was low enough to be eye level with her. I let out a deep sigh.

"How are you feeling" I ask her

"J-just fine, like I said" she says looking up at my.

I cup her face.

"Still scared?" I ask caressing her with my thumb.

"What kind of a question is that of course I am!? I'm taking a shower" she snaps getting up

Damn this rapist, he's making Y/n angry and less love-able. Most girls like to talk, I offered that but no, no whats there to talk about, whats done is done. I heard footsteps as i walk up the stairs, and no not my own. When I reach the top I find Emil.

'Little brother" I say

"So, what exactly did happen last night, you guys just went upstairs. Are you two breaking up?" he asked

I sigh.

"Y/n was raped last night. I know we're not breaking up' I answer

"How can you be so sure you two won't break up" he teases

"Because we won't" I said sternly.

He rolls his violet eyes then walks down stair.

We won't break up will we?
I don't own you or Hetalia

Well your getting bitchy, you can't really talk to a guy about being raped, if he never has been. So you need a female friend to talk to. Next part....

12 comments for me to start on next part
but if its not finished tonight it wont be tomorow because I have a thing

Part 3 will be in progress but I have to work on 2P AmericaXDepress reader
But part three is for sure gonna come out
DEAL with IT
wow I feel evil
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