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 Y/n held my hand with both her hands. All the other bastards of the school looked at us. Jealous because the famous popular (full name) picked a scrawny nobody to be her boyfriend. She wasn't fake though. The reason why she was so popular because 1 many guys like her, even though she doesn't date all that much 2 she is known as the nicest person in the school.

 I truly loved my bella. She would even skip school to take care of me when I'm sick.  She's so kind. She makes my heart race even though I should relax because she's my girl friend. But she can leave me at any moment. She has better luck with better guys. Even with a boyfriend people still go after Y/n. I remember the rumor I was gay for tomato bastard and dating Y/n to hide it. Its a rumor.

 Y/n kisses my cheek as she goes to her class. No this isn't perfect world where I have every class with her. So I went to go to my class, with tomato bastard. He was in his stupid jolly mood. I swear he should go on a kids show. As I went, I see Jason give me a dirty look, then Alfred, then Arthur, then Lukas and the list goes on. I walk until I bump into Ivan. OH HOLY FUCKING SHIT, SHIT JUST GOT REAL. He glance at me then walked away.

 "wow Lovi you really tensed up" Antonio laughs

 "Shut up! Don't call me that" I bark at him

 He laughs

 We get into the room and take our seats. Antonio tells me about a date I don't care about that he had with Belle.  When the bell rings everyone rushes in. 

 The last 20 minutes of class I get a text from Y/n: meet me in the bathroom.The teacher writes me a pass and tells me to get my stuff. Someone calls her down to the office, so the teacher leaves. As I bend down, sitting down, someone throws something at my head.  A yellow liquid gets on my face. A roar of laughter comes over all the noise.

 "Looks like the chicken just hatched" Alfred says dying of laughter

 I walk up to him to punch his face.

 "Shut the fuck up fat ass" I said laving

 He glares at me and puts his hands around my neck, crashing me into the wall. 


"You like that you little p-" Alfred growls

"Hey, Hey Hey. Leave little Lovi alone" Toni says

 A smirk forms on Alfred's face, letting me go. I knew what he was thinking. I get my bag and leave.


 I got to the bathrooms. Y/n was waiting outside for me. She gasps seeing the yolk on my head. 

 "Lovi who did this to you?" she asks taking me into the boys bathroom

 Our school is ghetto. Don't worry

 "Fat ass" I tell her.

 I put my head in the sink as she turns it on. She rubs her fingers through my scalp. When she got the egg out she turned off the sink. She got some paper towel and dried my hair. When she was done she threw it away. I sat on the sink counter. She hugs me nuzzling her face in my chest. She wanted to cry I could tell by her breathing. I rub her back and set her on my lap.

 "Whats wrong" I ask

"Your getting bullied because of me. I don't want you to get her nor do I want to break up with you" she chokes.

 I sigh. I love her. She loves me.  

 "We're  not going to break up" I cup her face.

 She smiles and kisses me. Then an idea popped in her head

"We can go to a different school" she says


"I came up with that much, what about that private one...we could lie too" She says kissing me.

"mmm Fine" I say kissing her again

~~~~2 months later

 When some of my friends heard I was moving schools, they decided that too. Thank god Y/n and I have 2 classes and lunch together. We were at lunch right now. She was eating the pasta they served with me. She wanted to be romantic and share it with me. I allowed it knowing it would make her happy. Not everyone was so attracted to Y/n as they were back at my ghetto school. 

 "Lovi say ahh" she says

 "Aww you two are so cute" Tonio says

 I take a bite. I suddenly get a a text. Alfred :I'm gonna fuck you scrawny ass up. Park at 5. I roll my eyes. Fine. I don't tell Y/n knowing she would try to stop it. She made so many new friends here. I wasn't going to spoil her fun. I text the BTT to come to the fight and not to tell Y/n. They agree. 


  I get to the park. Not many people. Only the F.A.C.E family. 

 "No weapons, cheater" Alfred says

"Fine" I say

 I didn't bring any nor to the BTT. 

 "ready...go" Arthur yells


 Alfred and I charge for one another. I punch his stomach, then I reviced it in the face. My nose started to bleed. I get up then Alfred punched my stomach. I hugged my stomach as I coughed up blood. Alfred then aims for my eye and gets me on the ground. He was about to do his victory dance until I tripped him. He landed on his butt.

 "You little" he grabbed my neck.

 I kick his lung, his grip loosen as blood splats on my face. I punch Alfred's face, he sits up to hold it. The fat ass was still on me. I was about to punch him again until he punches my forehead and I black out.


 I woke up to the sound of crying. I was sore. My face felt so numb.I was in someones arms. They were crying in my hair. I reconized the was my mom' jk it was Y/n's. Memory was going back to my brain. Did the BTT tell Y/n? I grunt and move my arm a little. 

 "Lovi..."Y/n says hugging me tighter.

 I lift my heavy eye lids. I notice my chin was resting on her boobs. My face turns red. But I know I can't loose my cool in front of Y/n. I calm myself

 "Yes, bella?" I ask looking up into her (color) eyes

 "Why would you fight?" she asks

 I sit up and rub my eyes. I notice my left on was puffy and hurt at the touch of my hand. y/n takes my left hand away from my eye. She tries to smile, but can't. Tears threated to come out her eyes. Her finger lightly traces my black eye. 

 "I-I'll go get you an ice pack." she says getting up.

 There was a mirror in the room. I look in it finding a beaten me. my left eye was blacked. My nose had dried blood in it and  it trailed down my lips. there was a cut on my bottom lip. My forehead was bruised. Alfred's blood was on my cheeks. I look down at my limbs finding bruises and cuts all over them. This was Y/n's fear come true.

 She comes back into the room with an icepack and a wash cloth. I hold the ice on my eye as she cleans up the dried blood and cuts. When she's done she cries into my neck shoulder area. I hold her and shush her trying to calm her down. I run my finger through her soft (color) hair.

 "Lovi" she chokes


"Can you spend the night tonight?" she asks


 "Of course" I kiss her "Besides it friday"

 We go upstairs to her room. She steals some of her dad's clothes for me to wear. She changes in front of me which always makes me blush.  When were done we watch scary movies on her laptop. 

 "Lovino" she says cuddling my chest


"I need a promise" she says

'Anything" i tell her

"No sex ever just kidding. but promise you won't fight, without telling me" she says

"Fine" I kiss her

 After a couple more movies she shifts onto my chest and falls asleep. It was perfect. I close my eyes.


I don't own you or Hetalia

I will go back to a killing love tomarow because I just got home today. ONE SHOT. No Ivan wasn't interested in you.
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IfYouSayYouLoveMe Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well what if I haven't HAD sex... Hmm? XD only in fanfic will the sex happen for me, no people like me ;3; ah well, I'd much rather have Lovi XD
109144 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha. No sex ever again.XD Nice story.:3
Goddess-ofMercy Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was listening to "Arms" by Christina Perri, and thought it kinda fit this story. Good job~ :iconclappingplz:
lucysblood Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Student
Goddess-ofMercy Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your welcome. ^_^
FrostyChica Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No sex ever again.

Scary movie is hilarious.
AkasunaYuki3 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
Big brother Ivan? :D hehe. That no sex rule got me scared for a bit but hehehe dat was funny
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